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What's This Consultation?

First of all...

A Big Congratulations!

Hi, I’m Dr. Consolata Mwangi from Convergent Medical Services.


I wish to quickly congratulate you for downloading our newest resource, “The Smart Kenyan’s Guide To Healthcare.”


We composed this for a simple reason. Everyone wants to enjoy great health now, and into the future. But there are far too few no resources out there which provide any sort of clarity. We aim to give you a few foundational principles to take care of yourself and your family. 


By requesting this simple resource, you have taken a proactive measure towards seizing control of your health. But you are not done yet. It can only provide general advice. The most pervasive problems are unique to you. And that’s why I would like to invite you to book a fully complimentary health consultation.


If there has been a health issue bothering you, specific pains in parts of your body that concern you but you have not acted on, or anything else, then this is your opportunity. 


During this fully confidential 60 minute conversation, a doctor will listen to your health needs, recommend solutions, and create a fully-personalized well-being plan for you.


Naturally, this conversation will be absolutely confidential. You can book one for yourself, or a family member, or even refer a friend.

What happens afterwards?

The goal for this conversation is simple: To help you seize control of your well being.


If we determine that there is a condition which needs further testing, you will be invited for a full-body Well Man or Well Woman Checkup at a discounted price, or referred to another hospital with the facilities and expertise to treat you. 


Health checkups are a series of comprehensive tests that will assess your current health status and catch any early warning signs for any abnormalities within your body.


Screenings are often the only way to diagnose deadly conditions which don’t display any symptoms. High cholesterol, for example, leads directly to heart attacks and other cardiovascular and blood vessel diseases. Yet, a blood test is the only way to detect if you have it.


Don’t wait for an emergency. You need to get proactive. And to help you do that, we are offering well-man health checkups—a complete suite of medical and wellness screenings.

  • “Before Convergent, I never proactively visited any doctor unless I had a very good reason to do so. I was referred to Dr. Consolata through a mutual friend. I did my first health checkup and found that my blood sugar was elevated. I’m really grateful I did that. And I highly recommend you get a well-man checkup from Convergent as soon as possible.”

    Mwangi Njeke

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