The Smart Kenyan's Guide To Healthcare

• Is treatment abroad really a better, more affordable alternative to local healthcare? We examine the pros and often overlooked cons of foreign vs local treatment.  

• Only 20 percent of the Kenyan population is covered by health insurance. High costs, lack of trust, and lack of information all play their part. Discover three critical mistakes people make when buying health insurance, and the critical dos and don’ts of choosing your own policy. (Don’t make the mistake of choosing your broker’s first recommendation or the cheapest option)

• Two years of COVID highlighted the importance of public health. Face masks, hand-sanitizers, and social distancing were all designed to combat highly contagious and fast-spreading infection, but Non-Communicable Diseases such as cancer and diabetes are still responsible for more than 50 percent of total hospital admissions in Kenya. How do you keep yourself protected from NCDs?

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